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September 2016Trauerland

Sharing, self-giving, altruism, values that have always held the world leader of the stretched ceiling at heart. Values that are even more important at the end of the year, at the approach of the holidays. It is therefore to finish it in the best way, that Barrisol decided to support a German association: Trauerland.

This association helps children in mourning, by setting up support groups, psychological follow-up, therapies, and more.

In a place where listening is paramount, the reduction of noise is a necessity, the important for the world leader of the stretched ceiling was the integrity of the children's words.

What's better, to meet all these needs, than Barrisol acoustic ceilings.

It is therefore quite natural that the company from Kembs, at the request of the deputy, decided to offer them beautiful stretched ceilings, with support for fabrics but also delivery and installation.

Find all the information in this brochure,  or on the association's website.

September 2016Partnership with the photographer Nick Jackson


Barrisol is pleased to present his partnership with the famous English photographer Nick Jackson.

Based in London, Nick Jackson is an expert in depicting the urban and natural landscapes. His pictures analyse and capture the scenery with a keen and skilful eye.

The Barrisol collection « Print your Mind® » has thus been extended with a wide range of pictures showing stunning and amazing landscapes revealing the beauty of the Barrisol fabrics. »

Access the official website of Nick Jackson

July 2016The NATO summit in BARRISOL®

Once more BARRISOL® was at the heart of world news during the NATO summit held on the 8th and 9th July in the Polish capital city Warsaw.

Being called to achieve an exceptional new project, BARRISOL® took up the challenge in a brightly way with the creation of 34 Diamonds lamps, specially designed for this event reminding the NATO logo having a star shape.

This project has splendidly enlightened this summit while again putting forward BARRISOL® know-how. As a matter of fact, it gave a unique atmosphere to this international event.