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Born from BARRISOL technology, FRAMES AND TUBES 3D SHAPE® allow to realize all architectural shapes. Thanks to its flexibility, FRAMES AND TUBES 3D SHAPE® by BARRISOL® reconstitute edges and reproduce all arch shapes. BARRISOL® sheet is therefore structured and can be adapted to all types of architectures/designs (rings, vaults, warhead shapes…) and 3D shapes (waves…).

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In our aim to constantly improve and innovate, Barrisol® would like to present the following novelties:
Mirror®  Frames and tubes 3D SHAPES® Créadesign® Orient   Printin on textile museum   Acoustic® Light  Dallerenov ®  Concrete EFFECT®

Barrisol Dallerenov ®

This innovative system allows ceilings to be renovated whilst giving existing ceiling tiles a new lease of life. Designed to adapt to the existing tile, the Barrisol® sheet is fixed to a peripheral rail placed around the tiles to be renovated. Dallerenov® is available in several colours and finishes, giving around 250 possible finishes, allowing you to renovate the ceiling and renew the decor.

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